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2014 Chateau Rongzi Winery
100% Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon 

12% ABV

85 points Wine Enthusiast

Soil Type: Loamy Clay with depth of 200 meters (656 feet)

Chateau Rongzi AVA, Xiangning, Shanxi Province, China

2016 Silk Road Conference and Competition - Gold Medal

2016 Interwine Challenge -Silver Medal


  • Stylish light pink with fresh aromas of florals and a fruity wine, smooth refreshing like a touch of peach blossom in the spring. Like a summer breeze of a fresh new romance. 


    Chateau Rongzi is located in the Shanxi Lv Liang Mountains 1300 meters above sea level on the Loess Plateau. Here the cold weather, hundreds of meters of deep Loess layers, and meandering flow of the Yellow River, forms a unique micro-climate, ideal for growing wine grapes. Grapes are hand picked with strict manual sorting, managed by the French “Wine King” former chief winemaker for Chateau Petrus, Jean-Claude Berrouet. 



  • Wines are shipped through Woodstock Wine & Deli in US and as allowed by law. 

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