Royal Comfort to debut Chateau Rongzi wines by Iconic Winemaker Jean Claude Berrouet of Petrus fame

On May 16 & 17th, the attendees of the USA Trade Tasting Show will have a unique opportunity to be one of the very first people in the United States to sample these elegant wines. Jean Claude Berrouet is known for being a “classicist” winemaker and making wines that are balanced and represent their origins. With his partnership with the Chateau Rongzi team that has truly been accomplished. These wines are balanced; pairs very well with a wide range of cuisines and simply delicious! Jean Claude Berrouet spent a year in the Loess Plateau in Northern China working with the Chateau Rongzi team to ensure that the final product showcased the unique terroir of the region. Chateau Rongzi has 32 w

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